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Matchmaking Time~

Matchmaking Theme

Name: Grace :D
Age: 17
Previously Stamped as: Dubububububu- /SLAPPED

About You

Likes: rollercoasters! Japan! Languages! Tumblr! Friends! Winning 8D Warm rain! History docos! The scent of barbeques and baking [but not when its coming from someone else’s house ;_;]! Harry Potter! STUDIO GHIBLI - OMG HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE! And coffee, and desserts, and grilled fish and chicken salt and mangoes and takoyaki and brioche and –

Dislikes: numb feet [hello winter ;w;], rl drama, rote learning, soft drinks, losing, smoking, mung beans, incorrect grammar and spelling
Hobbies: sketching, singing, mega fail!dancing, baking [OMNOM], volleyball, traveling, watching documentaries, reading, piano
Strong points: loyal, friendly, talkative [is this even a strong point?], and I really try m’best when someone asks something of me
Weak points: I procrastinate, tend to ramble on and talk too much, I find it hard to stand up for myself and when I know I’ve wronged someone I worry myself sick about them even what I did is pretty… er, trivial. OVERDRAMATISING, YO.
Future goals: To get into uni, go into student exchange back to Japan, try mango steens [what sort of Asian AM I?!] and get more exercise D: Oh, and travel like crazy in my 20s-30s

About Him

So what kind of qualities do you find the most important in a partner? Give at least three:
Determination, knows how to balance work/fun etc., trustworthy, makes me laugh, thinks of others, accepts me for me 'cause faking is too troublesome and plain icky /thumbs up/ Also that he can adapt to situations easily and doesn't make a huge deal out of little things.

Why exactly are these traits so important to you? Determination is sexy and awesome, balance is good, I don’t wanna walk in on him making out with my turtle, everyone needs a bit of humour in their lives and being liked is pretty nice :D And people who blow things out of the water are stressful to be with, aren’t they?

What qualities could you do without? Again, name three: being clingy, overprotective, can’t take the lead when the situation calls for it

Do you prefer someone who is...
Shy or outgoing? Outgoing!
Cool or dorky? Both! But more on the dorky side, so we can be dorky together. I can just look and be all *A* HODAYUM when he’s being cool, ‘cause I can’t join him lol.
Optimistic or realistic? Optimistic
Careful or carefree? Careful  
Confident or modest? Confident but not douche-y confident.
Mature or immature? A bit more immature-ish, but knows when to be mature.
High, medium, or low energy?: Medium
A Leader or a follower?: Leader, but doesn't mind when I do too :D WE SHARE HOHOHO. Ah... yeah.

About You and Him

What is the most important part of a relationship? Trust! Friendship! Mutual attraction!
It's the first date you two have. Who pays for dinner? Just him, just you, or do you split the bill? Split the bill
Describe the date he takes you on: AN AWESOME ONE. … No, really. /snickers/ It’s just really fun, being ourselves, and having it not involve any police arrests and we should be fine. I’ve always wanted an amusement park date, though.
Who made the first move, anyway? Him or you? I’d love to tell everyone that it was me but it prolly wasn’t, pffht~
When you first tell him you love him, how do you do it? Do you just flat out say it or do you do something else? Do something else? … /crickets/ /imagination has reached its limit/
It’s his birthday. What do you do to celebrate? What sort of present to you give him? AMUSEMENT PARK DATE WHUU! Or whatever I know he’s been wanting to do! My present = something that’s all sorts of crazy awesome and that he actually likes.
How hurt would you be if your match had to cancel a date because of work? Well if it happens too much then yeah but I’d probably just accept it and be all “It’s foiiine, I can have my Harry Potter marathon finally herpderp”, but if I put some crazy thought and planning in to the thing then yeah, I would.
What are your opinions on marriage? Is it important to you or can you do without? As long as you love each other and its working out pretty well, then I don’t think marriage is necessary… but then again. I WANT A BIG PARTY, DAMN IT- /bricked

And finally, link to three applications you have recently voted on:


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